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Digital Landowners Society (DLS) is the biggest metaverse landowners community. We build tools that give us an edge on the market, and we grow together through the exchange of knowledge and experience.
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What is DLS Avatar?

Digital Landowners Society (DLS) avatar is your ticket to the metaverses - the fastest growing industry on blockchain. Together with us, you can become a part of the metaverse ecosystem without actually owning any metaverse assets. How? By owning a share of a marketplace that sells assets of all the major metaverses. DLS Avatar NFTs are your proof of ownership of our marketplace on the Ethereum blockchain. With only 10,000 ever to be minted, you'll be the proud holder of a unique digital asset.

Oh, and don't forget about our Discord server, where members share their knowledge and experience, connect with the metaverses' pioneers, landowners as well as developers. We are a community that makes a difference.

DLS Avatar NFTs give you more than just the ownership of a unique digital asset with a high degree of rarity. They also provide access to exclusive rewards, giving the rarest DLS avatars an even greater chance to get higher rewards.

You can go through all 10,000 DLS Avatars if you want, but we guarantee that you won't find two identical avatars. Therefore, your asset is not only rare, it is 100% unique!
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DLS Avatar Utility and Incredible Benefits

So what exact benefits do these limited-edition assets offer, aside from bragging about how great they look?
Exclusive Income Rewards
When our metaverse market is fully launched, the platform will have a 2.5% fee from metaverse assets sales and other fees from various tools. Out of this, 30% will go to DLS Avatar NFT holders. The income from this will be claimable on our platform.


2022 is going to be an exciting year, here are some of our plans

DLS Avatar Rarity

DLS is an exclusive and unique collection of 10,000 NFT tokens on an ERC-721 smart contract. We take great care in selecting every detail for our project, which is why we have researched the paintings of the famous people from each century to find unique clothing attributes. We have collected information on the garments of notable figures from the 1st century up until today. So rest assured that your avatar attributes are not a random piece of imagination, but rather represent a part of our history.
21 pieces
53 pieces
45 pieces
22 pieces
31 pieces
16 pieces

Supported Metaverses

As we continue to work on our marketplace, we will be integrating more than 20 metaverses into it. This means that all of those metaverses' assets will be available for trading. And because DLS holders are the ones who make our marketplace possible, they will receive a portion of the income generated from all asset sales. So keep an eye out for more listings—we'll be announcing them gradually! For now, we'll only be tracking land assets in the following metaverses:


Digital Landowners Society and the metaverse marketplace is being built by an experienced team with a solid track record of working together. 0xGodmode and Nitrog3n have established a Data Science focused company that employs over 100 incredible talents and St.Gregory has worked with the world's leading animation companies such as Pixar, EA Games and Zynga.
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